Thank you for stopping by! I hope that your stay has been cozy.


9:09am 09-24-2022
just wanted to say i love browsing your site and reading about your interests. i had never heard of solo journaling games before and was intrigued by your review of The Magical Year of a Teen Witch (considering i love Kiki's Delivery Service too!). that led me to the page where i watched a bit of someone playing it, then checked out the other solo journaling game it was based on, read the TTRPG wiki (which i had no idea stood for that until now haha). now i want to start playing! i never thought i would be interested in the world of TTRPGs but here we are
Replied on: 9:38am 09-24-2022

omg that's so amazing to hear! If you end up playing one, I would love to hear about your experience and any characters that you make. This is good motivation to get another update edited for The Magical Year of a Teen Witch. Miel is an OC very near and dear to my heart now.

9:21am 08-28-2022
Lately, I've been frustrated by how niche social media wants my interests to be: one instagram account for this very niche interest, a tumblr for another one.. and they can never crosshairs because people just aren't going to be interested in all of you; only the parts they have a mutual hyperfixation on.

I really resonate with this right here. That's why I started my site. I just wanted to say that I love everything you've decided to share. Your whole site is comforting <3
6:49am 08-25-2022
This site is so peaceful and cozy! I really feel like I've stepped into an old children's book. I enjoyed reading about your tarot collections. I have a tarot set of my own that I have no idea how to use, but reading about your interest in them has made me think that I should learn.
Replied on: 1:13pm 08-28-2022

What high praise! Thank you so much Let me know if you shuffle up that tarot deck and need any pointers!

1:53am 08-13-2022
the moomin theme is very cute! i found your tarot section esp interesting, as someone whose tried to dabble in it in the past but is largely non-religious/non-spiritual. i guess it makes sense in hindsight that tarot could be a secular practice, but reading your relationship to it has been enlightening. i'll def be back to visit!

fun fact, trungles is local to my area! i had a parasocial relationship with his chickens before i cut down the social media intake, lol. but his art is lovely :^)

oh also, just a heads up that the first button on your links page (happy lab) leads to an adult site. maybe there's a copy of the original site on the wayback machine you can link to instead...? unless you did mean to link to adult friend finder lol. live your truth!!
Replied on: 6:34am 08-13-2022

Thank you for visiting! I'm not local to Trungles, but definitely fell hard for the chicken content especially when they were initially setting up the coop. I'm working on a series of a short stories set in an Beatrix Potter/Wind in the Willows like world and named three chicken sisters after them haha They run a bakery together.

And thank you for the heads-up about the dead link! lmao I have used wayback as a temporary fix. I found the site through cinni, but their cutie archive seems to be down right now.

7:01pm 08-07-2022
your website is so fun to explore!! i am feeling very inspired by all of your passionate writing and interests
6:53pm 08-07-2022
Thank you for your kind message Honeybear is very enchanting, isn't he?! Aside from fancy things with dremel or 3D printing, doll customization can be done very affordably, so I hope you might give it a try some day! And I really hope you make a Calico Critters page! I've really enjoyed reading your toy canon musings, it's really wonderful the memories remain even if the toys don't. You really got to play with some of the best!
Replied on: 6:36am 08-13-2022

I'll need to check out more customization content. My calicos at least make me want to learn how to sew so that I can expand their wardrobe through the seasons lol I almost forgot to add the critters to my Toy Canon to do list but I'll get around to them!

10:37am 08-07-2022
i love the moomin ilustrations you picked. it lends such a gentle air to your dear website
4:56am 08-04-2022
Hey man, kudos on the site. It really felt like opening up someone's diary or going into a friend's house for the first time, and seeing how they chose to decorate or how they arranged the furniture.

Hope you keep implementing the new sections you have layed out.

11:34am 07-29-2022
Hi Arden!
I decided to check out your website because your message on my guestbook really made my day. Your website is super cool, keep up the good work. Have a great day!
5:23pm 07-21-2022
Hello, Arden! Thank you for the kind words in my guestbook! I'm glad you like the stickers and the Ninja Turtle shrine; you make me want to go watch the original movies again!

I really like your site--in fact I linked to it on mine and made a little button; hope you don't mind.

I really enjoy all the fun different sections, and I think the Toybox is my favorite for the sheer blasts to the past! Sort of makes me want to do something similar with the toys I remember having. Speaking of which, I don't think I ever had the rest of the set, and I'm not sure it was specifically that design on the outside, but I definitely had among my hand-me-down Barbie collection a pool like the one in that pool set! I hadn't thought of that thing in years. Thanks for that!
4:07pm 07-19-2022
i love your blog. thank you for sharing your little corner w me